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Where To Go Wine Tasting In Houston

Houston’s wine bars produce tasting events for enthusiasts with high standards for flavor and texture.

Home of one the largest culinary industries in America, the city’s taste in wine includes a variety of offerings, from luxurious red and white wines to expensive designer brands, any of which bring in big money for local bars and restaurants.

With eclectic atmospheres and plenty of opportunities for wine connoisseurs to discuss, as long as you’re a natural wine taster, these best spots to go wine-tasting will be sure to attract your attention.

Wine-tasting events in Houston produce some of the most refined palettes throughout the country, as local wine bars and restaurants quietly compete to serve up the best flavors and taste experiences for the most experienced wine enthusiasts.

Every wine-taster longs for a smooth finish and a pleasant aftertaste, with some seasoned tasters having a palette leaning towards tart flavors rather than fruity.

Beyond that, the best spots to go wine tasting in Houston are sure to delight your senses.

13 Celsius

Tempt yourself with the alluring aromas you walk into when you pick up a bottle of fine wine at 13 Celsius.

Located on 3000 California St, Houston, this tidy lounge is a welcoming dining-in opportunity when temperatures and skies are as wonderful as the beverages.

Here in this cozy spot, both wine and small dishes are served with pride and dedication, as the bar itself was recognized as one of the Best Wine Bars in the U.S. for 2017.

The intriguing bar features an online holiday marketplace meant for marketing its wine sales and tasting events, and the website itself sends a confident message to wine-tasters looking for character and uniqueness.

The bar’s mission, revealing and relevant, represents a need to “find the most unique wines in the world.”

A taster like you would want to start somewhere where consistency is key, and 13 Celsius is a convenient location to visit for flavor and authenticity combined.

Stop here to get served by the bottle, glass, and taste.

Later, relax and breathe easily knowing an assortment of fine wine is available in one location.

Houston Wine Merchant

If wine is a beverage you must experience weekly, then you’ll want to visit Houston Wine Merchant in Shepard Drive, Houston.

Right away, this spot presents strength and character, as tasting events offered on Friday and Saturday evenings are a great way to attract the city’s most seasoned wine enthusiasts.

Starting at 5:30 on Fridays, in-store tastings provide well for an appreciative palette and a calm spender, as there are rampant opportunities to try assortments of wines in one location.

Currently, on hiatus for COVID-19, the location still earns a top spot for drawing more customers thanks to its healthy selection of gift boxes, bags, glassware, and wine tools.

This location is an ideal spot for wine-tasters looking to leave their tasting experience with a little more than a taste.

Be sure to check the website for when their in-store tastings resume, as you won’t want to miss this local favorite known for its selection of award-winning wines.

Nice Winery

The benefit behind this winery is advertised on its website: it’s not just about the tasting, the Nice Winery also wants you to come inside for a discussion with their knowledgeable staff.

Wine connoisseurs will have a wide range of expert experiences.

All of them are offered from the moment you taste anything from their award-winning selection.

Brands you might recognize, like Nice, The Stag, and The Vixen, are sure to provide the elaborate aftertaste you want most when you enter a tasting.

The site’s won internationally recognized wine competitions, and if you sign up for the Nice Wine club, members receive a 20% discount on all wine purchases.

Wine-tasters leave happy with a purchase they’re proud of, a purchase they won’t forget, and a tasting experience that makes them want to try more of the available selections.

Come here if you’re looking for premium red and white wines.

These wines have won awards for a reason.

Sable Gate Winery

Located in the heart of Midtown Houston, here you’re going to experience two important terms:

One, globally sourced.

The other, locally crafted.

You get the sense when you enter the Sable Gate Winery that the smooth and sophisticated taste you get from their wines comes from the fact that the place does a great job proving their wines are made from the finest grapes.

For the tastings, consider the exhilarating refreshment that can only come from the crisp, green, apple tastes and flavors of Orchard Mist for $2 a bottle.

The Skydance selection comes in at the same price but will give wine enthusiasts an overwhelming rush of sweet raspberry.

When you walk into this family-owned winery, your opportunity for the best wine experience isn’t limited to tasting.

Choose to embellish the best days of your life with custom labels meant for graduations, weddings, typical holidays, and celebrations.

An added bonus: the aromas and tastes you get from this winery are as worthy as the Wine Makers club.

You can sign up for $75 a month.

The Tasting Room

It’s wine and gourmet served at City Center in Houston’s western edge.

This tops out as another great contemporary location for wine-tasters looking for food in addition to quality wine.

That’s good if wine is your favorite thing in the world and you trust that anything from quick eats to 3-course meals, or even the added benefit of $6 cocktails will maximize the potential of your wine-tasting experience.

If you prefer to keep your tasting session focused on wine, the Marques de Caceres and many other selections will include gifts a wine enthusiast wants most.

Here, you’ll be tasting with conscious thought, reflecting on the sensations you experience as you enjoy these selections.

The Tasting Room also offers more than 150 selections, and the more the merrier, as tasting one wine, you should know, can soon prompt you to try many more.

Final Word

Enter the wine-tasting enthusiast’s dream when you venture into Houston and try wine at any of these five locations.

Whether you’re looking to end an evening with a taste, or spice up an afternoon after a celebration, the wine-tasting opportunities are plentiful in Houston.

Next time you’re out, remind yourself of how experienced a wine connoisseur you are.

The taste of wine is as memorable as the experience that goes with it.

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