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Where To Go Wine Tasting In Detroit And Greater Michigan

Detroit offers fascinating sites that a visitor can see.

So, taking a tour of Detroit, one of the most exciting places, is what I decided to do.

One place that I decided to visit was a different winery in Detroit.

I have always been fascinated by the wine process and enjoyed a good glass of wine after dinner.

So, having a good knowledge of what was happening in the winery was exciting and fun for me.

I learned about the wine process in the winery, and to gain further understanding, I decided to visit different wineries and taste the wine.

The best wine-tasting places in Detroit would be the House of Pure Vin, The Royce Detroit, Detroit Vineyards, Motor City Wine, Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room, Vertical Detroit, St Julian Distillery, and Vintner’s Canton Winery.

I have compiled a list that offers the address, telephone number, and description of the tasting event place that a customer could visit in Detroit.

Detroit Tasting Locations

House of Pure Vin

The House of Pure Vin at 1433 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI  48226, offers customer wine-tasting events.

The telephone number to call for a tasting would be (313) 638-2501.

In addition, House of Pure Vin has a private wine tasting event that you can book online.

When you book a wine tasting, you receive a choice of three wines to taste from different regions in the world.

The Royce Detroit

The Royce Detroit at 76 West Adams Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 is a winery that offers wine-tasting.

The telephone number for a customer to call to set up a wine tasting is (313) 481-2160.

The Royce Detroit is a wine bar where a customer can taste the wine of their choice.

There is not a tasting room where customers can reserve for groups, but they have food and a variety of wines for customers to choose from.

The Detroit Vineyards

The Detroit Vineyards is located at 1000 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207, for customers to come in for a wine tasting.

The telephone number for the Detroit Vineyards for customers to set up a wine tasting is (313) 265-3938. 

The Detroit Vineyards has tasting room rentals where a customer can go online and rent a room.

The wine tasting room rental can accommodate a large group of 150 or a small group of 40 for a wine tasting. All you must do is go online and reserve a room.

MotorCity Wine

MotorCity Wine at 1949 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216, customers come in for a wine tasting.

The telephone number the customer can call to set up the wine tasting would be (313) 483-7283.

The wine tasting at MotorCity Wine is held monthly with an assortment of cheeses and antipasto.

The tasting is presented in the bar as the customers order their food.

Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room

Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room located at 3384 Auburn Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.

The telephone number to set up a wine tasting would be (248) 564-2134.

Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room offers group and private tastings.

Group tasting can be arranged for seven or more guests.

You can make reservations for the largest group for wine tastings as well.

The Vertical Detroit

The Vertical Detroit restaurant at 1538 Centre St, Detroit, MI 48226 offers wine tasting for customers.

The telephone number to reserve a table to have dinner and wine tasting would be (313) 732-9463.

Vertical Detroit is a restaurant that highlights three or more wines for its customers to taste.

They do not have a tasting room that offers groups time to taste wine, but they offer a menu of food and wine from different regions for customers to taste.

The St. Julian Winery – Distillery

The St. Julian Winery – Distillery at 716 S. Kalamazoo Street, Paw Paw, MI 49079, offers wine tasting for customers.

The telephone number the customer can call to set up the wine tasting would be (269) 657-5568.

St. Julian Winery – Distillery has six tasting rooms in various locations in Michigan for their customers to choose to have the wine tasting.

The Vintner’s Canton Winery

The Vintner’s Canton Winery at 8515 N. Lilley Road, Canton, MI  48187, has wine tasting for customers.

Customers can call (754)-354-9463 for a wine-tasting event.

In addition, vintner’s Canton Winery offers their customers private tasting parties, and public tasting is during regular business hours.

Greater Michigan Tasting Locations

The best wine-tasting locations in Greater Michigan are Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, Glen Arbor, and Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail.

I have compiled a list that shows the address, telephone number, and description of the wine tasting that can help a customer choose which winery they would like to have a wine tasting in the Greater Michigan area.

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail

Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail has four tasting locations.

An example would be 12 Corners Vineyards located at 511 Phoenix Rd, South Haven, MI  49090.

The telephone number is (269) 637-1221, where customers can make an appointment to have a wine tasting.

The wine tasting at 12 Corners Vineyards for customers to taste a variety of wines from different regions of the world.

Glen Arbor Wines, located at 5873 South Lake Street, Glen Arbor, MI, offers customers a wine tasting.  

The telephone number for Glen Arbor Wines is (231) 835-2196. Glen Arbor has a tasting room where customers can enjoy a delicious vintage of a wine that they choose by glass or bottle.

Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail has six tasting locations where customers can come to taste wine.

One example of a tasting place would be Leelanau Cellars, located at 5019 North West Bay Shore Drive, Omena, MI 49674.

The telephone number for Leelanau Cellars is (231) 386-5201.

Customers have sixty wine labels to choose from when they come to taste wine.

Final Word

The lists that I have to offer a visitor who comes to Detroit or Greater Michigan include various choices about finding a wine-tasting location that will provide wine for customers to enjoy and a tour.

The wine tasting list offers a visit to a restaurant or simply a wine bar to taste wine.

This list will be beneficial to visitors who come to the Detroit or Greater Michigan area, making wine tasting locations easy for visitors to find.

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