What Are Floral Notes In Coffee?

smelling coffee in cup

If you’re a coffee aficionado, then you might have heard about floral notes in your cup of coffee. The floral notes in coffee are flavors that change depending on the type of beans and roast levels used. You may have already examined the different flavor profiles in coffee, but do you know how to achieve … Read more

What Is A Spanish Latte?

spanish latte

Coffee has become so important in our society that we have started training some people to be coffee-making experts. Now we can enjoy the perfect cup of our favorite coffee and be sure that what we are consuming is perfectly prepared. Baristas ensure that when we order a Spanish Latte that is what we get … Read more

What Is A Caffé Misto?

caffe misto

The caffé misto has become a popular mainstay on Starbucks menus everywhere, but you’ve likely seen it offered at a number of other coffee shops across North America (or around the world, if you travel frequently). Perhaps you’ve even seen others order it.  But even if you’ve had a caffé misto yourself, do you know what … Read more

How To Make Cold Foam For Coffee

cold foam coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, then there’s a high probability that you drink Starbucks coffee. The company enjoyed tremendous success with its hot foam coffee toppings. But, there’s a new trend that seems to be gaining traction amongst coffee lovers the world over. And that is cold foam coffee.  Its mostly served on top of … Read more

Why Is My Turkish Coffee Not Foaming?

turkish coffee

If you’ve ever ordered a Turkish coffee at a coffeehouse and wanted to learn more about their method of brewing, you more than likely came across the term “foam” as it related to the type of coffee served. After all, some coffees are able to build foamed milk on top of the beverage for added … Read more

Why Does My Coffee Taste Watery?

women drinking coffee

What’s better than brewing a fresh cup of coffee early in the morning to get the day started? Some enjoy their coffee a bit stronger while others prefer it less strong. But nothing is worse than waiting for that freshly brewed cup of coffee only to get a watered down brew of coffee. Fortunately, there … Read more