Why Is Coffee Acidic?

women drinking coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage, and it is here to stay. However, some coffee drinkers are unsure whether coffee is acidic and how that may affect their health. Coffee is indeed branded as an acidic beverage. However, coffee has a PH of about five, meaning that it is less acidic than other drinks such as … Read more

Does Coffee Cause Inflammation?

cups of coffee

Coffee is among the essential drinks of the day among many people in the country. According to a 2020 study by the National Coffee Association, coffee consumption in the US has increased by 5% since 2015, with 62% of people taking it every day. Coffee has many health benefits, but like anything else, it depends … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Types Of Tea

pouring hot tea

Just like coffee, tea is a beverage with a rich history and a devoted community. There’s much more to tea than Lipton and chai––in fact, there are over 3,000 types of tea. From the popular green tea to the exotic pu-erh, there’s a tea for every occasion. Tea is actually more popular than coffee! As of … Read more

Moka vs Espresso: What’s The Difference

moka pot coffee

Espresso is a staple in coffee shops around the world, and it’s a particularly tasty way to drink coffee, whether you chug a double shot or whip up a latte. If you’re an espresso fanatic, you’ve probably looked for a way to make it at home, and more than likely, you’ve discovered the moka pot. … Read more