Essential Guide to Booze Glassware

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Whether it is the look of the drink in its glass, the aromas your nose detects, the flavors on your tongue, the mouthfeel as you drink, or the sound of the bubbles bursting (maybe that last one is a stretch) there is no doubt enjoying your favorite beverage is a highly sensual experience. To help … Read more

7 Reasons To NOT Do Dry January

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Dry January is a relatively recent invention. It is credited to a United Kingdom charitable organization called Alcohol Concern, which was launched in May 2012 and first held in January 2013. By 2016, the charity reported that one out of every six British citizens was participating in Dry January. With the development of an app … Read more

How To Drink Tequila The Proper Way

When it comes to tequila, there are pretty much only two ways that American’s consume this spirit. Either by throwing it back quickly from a shot glass or in a margarita with the glass rimmed with salt and a lime slice. If you’re shaking your head right now, then you need to forget everything that you … Read more

Cognac vs Brandy

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To the avid liquor connoisseur, understanding the difference between first-rate beverages goes beyond mere rudimentary tasting skills. A refined palette plays an important part in differentiating between the subtle notes of select wines, robust scotches and more– this aspect is one of the more crucial elements of appreciating the art of the drink. However, it … Read more

Cognac vs Scotch


Cognac and scotch are two spirits loved and taken by many individuals around the world regardless of their gender. Some cannot even go without any of the two at all. They may be similar since they all pass through the distillation process and stored for a very long time in barrels and are very strong … Read more

Types of Rum

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Rum is an alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane, generally in the form of liquid molasses, using a particular distillation and fermentation process. It is believed that the first fermented drinks made from sugarcane were produced in India or China. Today, much of the rum produced in the world is from the Caribbean islands and countries … Read more

Unique Types Of Vodka

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Vodka is one of the most popular liquors in the world because of its taste as well as the plethora of varieties available worldwide. Many brands offer unique types of vodka, which have become favorites of their customers. They are unique because of distilling processes, flavors, composition, bottle design and many other reasons. This article … Read more

The 5 Types of Tequila

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There are dozens of brands of tequila on the market today. Within those many of brands, you will only find five basic types of tequila, though. Most people are not familiar with the specifics surrounding the different types of tequila, so I am going to highlight them today. The five types of tequila are Blanco, … Read more