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Best Bars in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is generally considered the New York City of the south, a rapidly-growing metropolis that has recently been attracting both new residents and businesses looking for a less hectic environment and much more pleasant surroundings.  To serve this rapidly growing populace, Atlanta boasts a number of great bars, pubs, lounges and restaurants—places where people can let their collective hair down and celebrate the weekend in true style.  To illustrate this fact, below we have profiled some of the best bars in the marvelous city of Atlanta, and provided a brief description of the characteristics and amenities that make each of these awesome spots so lasting and appealing among Atlanta’s residents.

Braves All Star Grill

Located near many of Atlanta’s lush and high-priced hotels, and just steps away from the MARTA’s Peachtree Center in the downtown section of the city, the Braves All Star Grill, named after the city’s MLB franchise, is a relaxing and entertaining bar that hits out of the park in terms of their great drinks and terrific bartenders and servers.

The Braves All Star Grill boasts a whopping 8,000 square feet of space—most of which is beautifully adorned with baseball memorabilia.  The bar also features 25 televisions scattered throughout, each showing the very best in American sports, and a tasty food menu that is guaranteed to please even the most discerning taste buds. As Atlanta’s lone gourmet sports bar, the Braves All Star Grill is all about watching sports, drinking craft beers from all over the country, and sipping on signature cocktails that are always fresh, cold and fruity.  The fare is typical of most sports bars—burgers, hot dogs, Buffalo wings and more—and includes one of their most popular orders:  the Ultimate Cheese Burger, a slice of heaven that features blue cheese, aged cheddar, crispy onion rings, candied bacon and a special Atlanta-style hot sauce.

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The Braves All Star Grill offers a very popular happy hour every Monday through Friday from 3-7 PM, with discounted drink prices and half-priced appetizers like potato skins, mozzarella sticks and quesadillas.  Of course, every day of the week is perfect for admiring the wonderful memorabilia on the walls, and visitors can even test their own baseball throwing and hitting skills on interactive machines that closely mirror the real thing.  So if a mixture of great drinks, tasty food and fun is your idea of a great night out, head to the Braves All Star Grill—you will not be disappointed.

Manuel’s Tavern

Situated between the Virginia Highlands and Little Five Points communities of Atlanta, Manuel’s Tavern is a quiet and cozy place in which to drink and relax after a difficult day of work or school.  The older, yet recently remodeled tavern is considered one of the early pioneers of Atlanta’s growing nightlife scene.  The locale, which was once referred to as “Atlanta’s quintessential neighborhood bar,” dates back to the mid 1950s, when the original owner, Manuel Maloof , began serving sandwiches and cold beer to the thirsty workers in the neighborhood.  Fast forward to today, and you have a Manuel’s Tavern that essentially represents a city archives of sorts, featuring some of the classic Atlanta Braves pennants on its walls, old Coca-Cola murals, and a bevy of old beer cans dating back as far as the bar itself.

In addition to the great beer, cocktails and on-the-go grub offered at Manuel’s Tavern, the old juke joint also boasts some fun theme nights, including its Sunday Trivia nights, when guests old and new gather to challenge each other in a Jeopardy-like contest that can often get quite competitive.  Also, on the first Saturday of each month, a traveling comedy troupe rolls through Manuel’s Tavern to give the patrons a hearty laugh, and every weeknight there are different Happy Hour specials served from 4 to 7 PM.

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Manuel’s Tavern was once visited by President Obama as he campaigned in the downtown Atlanta region.

The Wrecking Bar

The Wrecking Bar, located in Atlanta’s Little Five Points region, has a tremendous amount of history.  Prior to its transformation into a popular saloon, the historical building in which the bar now does business was an old Victorian home, a Methodist Church and even a dance studio and school.  Today, the age and history of the building cannot be ignored, as it adds a measure of old-world class to the establishment—exposed stone walls and old English furnishings create both a comfortable and almost pastoral atmosphere in the basement bar.

Interestingly, the beer served at the Wrecking Bar is brewed on a seven barrel (BBL) system near the rear of the property, ensuring that after single mug and pint is fresher than the last.  From the serving tanks, the Wrecking Bar’s beer travels along to the drought beer towers in the bar, so not a drop of this splendid beer is ever wasted.  Customers can choose from up to 15 different taps and 2 casks at any one time, although for special events, there are often close to 30 beers pouring simultaneously.   Add this to their delicious food menu and you get one of the best brewpubs in the Southern United States.


Situated in Atlanta’s Vinings neighborhood, Eleanor’s is a small, hidden bar near the rear of Muss and Turner’s Restaurant.  The secret to gaining access to this quaint little bar is to give the hostess a nod, and he/she will lead you past the open prep area, around the corner to the left and through the freezer door.  That’s right, just open the freezer door at Muss and Turners and a whole new world opens up before you—a world known as Eleanor’s Bar. The lounge is rather dark, with a few cozy booth seats, and some limited bar seating. The staff behind the all-oak wood bar are friendly and knowledgeable, and while the cocktails are a bit pricey, the overall experience at Eleanor’s is well worth it—if only for the intrigue surrounding it.

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