Best Cups of Coffee in London


The city of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, is somewhat famous for its coffee, often referred to as the Seattle of the European world.  Every day, the great citizens of Britain and beyond, as well as an onslaught of tourists, guzzle down a whopping 55 million cups of coffee, most of which is … Read more

Best Cups of Coffee in Chicago


Although not ordinarily known as a great “coffee city,” Chicago has quite a few tasty and trendy cafes where thirsty customers can stop in for their favorite hot and iced coffee beverages and where those who prefer to brew at home can pick up some excellent local and internationally-grown beans. Whether you’re looking for a … Read more

7 Health Benefits Of Coffee

coffee shop

Many people enjoy sitting down to their morning cup of coffee. However, they’re unaware of the antioxidants and beneficial nutrients packed within this desired beverage. So, here’s 7 health benefits of coffee you might find interesting. 1) Drinking coffee improves energy levels and makes you smarter. You may ask how this is possible, so let’s … Read more

Best Way To Store Coffee Beans

coffee bean storage

Once you have committed to making an extraordinary cup of coffee at home there are some steps you must consider. Initially you will want to purchase the best beans that you can find. If you live in an urban area there will probably be retailers of quality beans nearby. However if you live in a … Read more

Finding Your First Cup of Authentic Kona Coffee!

Kona coffee is some of the finest coffee available globally.  Unfortunately it has also become a product, that many companies try to pass off as genuine Kona , when it is far from it. Here are some important points to take into consideration before making your first Kona purchase. The first thing you want to … Read more

Benefits Of Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans

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It may be rather telling that when you search sites of the professional coffee industry associations, not one provides information on the benefits of grinding your own coffee beans. Perhaps those in the business already know that the benefits far outweigh the savings of buying your coffee pre-ground. For them, it’s a foregone conclusion. Grind your own, … Read more

What You Should Know Before You Shop For Coffee

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There are only two coffees in the world, Coffee Robusta or Coffee Canephora and Coffee Arabica. Three-quarters of all the coffee sold in the world are Coffee Arabica. Coffee Arabica is a higher grade of coffee bean, while Coffee Robusta is a lower-grade of coffee bean. The manufacturer of coffee beans means that the beans … Read more