Does A McDonalds Frappe Have Caffeine?

mcdonalds frappes

If you like to indulge in a McDonald’s Frappe, then you may wonder if it has caffeine?  The short answer to this question is yes, because all frappes have either espresso or coffee in them.  However, it is important to explain more.  You see, any type of frappe has caffeine in it.  The reason is … Read more

What Are Coffee Syrups?

monin coffee syrup

While black coffee is the go-to choice of several coffee enthusiasts, many coffee lovers enjoy coffee better with extra flavor.  If you want to jazz your coffee up, coffee syrups might be your best choice. Put simply, coffee syrups are concentrated coffee flavors for flavoring your coffee. These syrups are available at your local grocery, … Read more

How To Clean Your Cuisinart Coffee Maker

cusinart coffee maker

Making coffee at home can save you lots of money each month. And once you’ve found the perfect Cuisinart coffee maker for your morning brew, there’s one task to always stay on top of, and that’s cleaning it regularly. Whether you’re a coffee addict or only enjoy the occasional cup, buildup will eventually happen. No … Read more

What Is Mocha Coffee?

mocha latte

Without a doubt, one of my favorite coffee drinks when I’m at Starbucks is a mocha. More specifically, I always order the mocha latte for that yummy, chocolate flavor. But there was a time when I didn’t really know what a mocha coffee was, or if there was even any coffee in it. If you … Read more

Does Coffee Have Carbs?

coffee in cups

Most things will change except this one: Coffee will always be one of the most popular drinks in our lifetime. We love coffee for different reasons and find it irresistibly tasty and stimulating. It gives you an instant kick and helps you stay awake, especially during those energy-drenching Monday mornings at work. But does it … Read more

Pump vs. Steam Espresso Machine

home espresso machine

Are you wondering what’s the difference between a pump and a steam espresso machine? Perhaps you want to buy one, but you are unsure which one will be perfect for your home or office setting? This article compares the two and weighs the pros and cons of using each. After reading it, you will make a distinction, … Read more

How To Measure Coffee Without A Scoop

coffee beans in spoon

Are you wondering if it’s possible to measure coffee without a scoop? Perhaps you are one of those few coffee lovers who, at times they drink their coffee too bland, you may think a stingy person made it; next time they brew a coffee that tastes as acrid as a witch’s concoction? You’re not alone; … Read more

Why Does Coffee Taste Like Chocolate?

chocolate with coffee beans

Are you wondering why your coffee tastes like chocolate? Perhaps the coffee beans you’re using seem the same, but your coffee taste is different? Like many coffee drinkers, you would once in a while experience this distinct coffee taste. You may begin asking yourself if there is anything wrong with how you brew your coffee. Sometimes … Read more

Why Is Office Coffee So Bad?

office coffee

If you’ve ever worked in an office, then you know that there is one universal truth – office coffee tastes terrible. Like me, you may wonder how something so good (coffee) can taste so bad. Even when the office has a brand that I know tastes good, this terrible tasting coffee experience still seems to … Read more